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Do88 Cooling Systems

Do88 E46 Performance Oil Cooler

Do88 E46 Performance Oil Cooler

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Every e46 m3's which sees trackwork should be swapping out its standard Oil Cooler. We always recommend the engine oil cooler change first. The stock oil cooler is sufficient for road driving, but it cannot keep up on hot days, while doing multiple laps on track and we ourselves have seen oil temperatures get into the 180 degrees Celsius and above zone which is not a good idea when it comes to a performance engine with known bearing wear issues. 

We highly recommend changing this part of your cooling system, especially if you are still running your stock ~15-20 year old item.

No matter if you are a track day enthusiast, an endurance racer, a time attack racer, or a spirited road driver, we wholeheartedly recommend the Do88 E46 M3 drop-in oil cooler which is, we believe, the best such product for the vehicle on the market.

Significant advantages do88 oil cooler compared to original:

- 185% bigger core volume, 3276 cm3 vs 1148 cm3.
- 50% bigger active cooling area , 575 cm2 vs 383 cm2.
- 79% higher oil volume in the actual oil cooler, 0.70l (0.18gal) vs 0.39l (0.10gal)
- Drop-in installation, no modifications are necessary. Fits together with OEM oil lines and brackets.
- CNC-machined oil line connections.
- CNC-machined brackets.

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