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HAIMUS RACING STREET + TRACKDAY Suspension System for F8X M2 / M3 / M4

HAIMUS RACING STREET + TRACKDAY Suspension System for F8X M2 / M3 / M4

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What is the HAIMUS RACING Street + trackday Suspension system?

The Haimus Racing S+T suspension system is meant to give you the best dual purpose suspension money can buy.

Most people combine OEM-spring style suspension systems with camber plates. This introduces a lot of problems in the system. Most OEM style camber plates have the spring laying flat at the top of the shock mount. Adding camber adds an angle at the bottom though, which introduces side-forces and twisting forces on the radial bearing, the shock absorber rod and seals and the spring itself. This changes the behavior of the vehicle, introduces vibrations, inconsistent damping and oscillation characteristics, but also destroys the components of your suspension.

We, at Haimus Racing developed the STREET+TRACKDAY kit for the person who wants to drive his car in unmatched comfort on the road, while also be able to adjust more camber, and get the maximum out of their tires on track.

The suspension system is ~20% stiffer than stock, giving you more support in the corners, while balance is shifted slightly more towards performance. Comfort is achieved by using very stiff dual rate tender springs which work their magic over bumps and imperfections, and also are used to always level the car in roll, pitch and dive scenarios.

The camber adjustable front top mounts allow you to dial in the right amount of camber for maximum stability on road and track.

If you have been looking for a midway point between a full blown track-day suspension, such as the KW Club sport, and a full blown street kit, like the standard KW V3 - the Haimus Racing street+trackday is the best option for you, giving you the best of both worlds, allowing you to get the maximum out of your BMW M car.

**NOTE - if you order the full kit through us, dampers are slightly modified to even further enhance the ride quality of the vehicle in dynamic situations. Purchasing the upgrade kit separately is also a great option, giving you most of the quality improvements of this kit.

Features of the Haimus Racing Street+Trackday kit:

- based on KW Damper Technology
- independently adjustable rebound and compression damping technology

- stainless steel technology "inox-line"
- high quality Eibach racing main and tender springs
- continuous lowering
- tested adjustment range
- high-quality components for a long-term durability
- adjustable rebound damping with 16 precise clicks
- adjustable compression damping with 12 precise clicks
- spherical bearing aluminum top mounts for the front.

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