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Haimus Performance F8X Height Adjustable Springs kit with Camber Plates

Haimus Performance F8X Height Adjustable Springs kit with Camber Plates

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Produced in: 4-5 weeks

Turn your standard or EDC shocks into true rose-jointed height adjustable coil overs and get the maximum performance out of your suspension with the Haimus Racing H.A.S Performance kit. The kit is assembled using parts from our partner KW Automotive with some machined parts made by ourselves in order to give you the maximum quality desired.

The compromises BMW made:

BMW has fitted the F8X chassis with some incredible dampers. They are aluminum, lightweight and the damping curves are comparable to 5+ thousand euro damper kits on their recommended damper settings. However BMW had to make certain compromises in order to perhaps get within a certain budget, or make the cars more user friendly for a certain target audience. We aim to use what is already there and increase the performance 

Our Aims:

- Create a more direct front end which loads up and responds quickly - which is a bit underwhelming on the F8X platforms.

- Reduce rear end wheel hop and bounciness which creates an uncertainty over bumpy roads, limiting rear end grip.

- Lower the vehicle for better stability, less rotational inertia, better aero and lower center of mass.

- Allow corner weighting capabilities and separate height adjustment front and rear.

- Create a separate GT Spring Kit for F80-F82 and F87 cars, as the chassis and standard anti-roll bars are different on both platforms.

- Significantly lower lap times on track while keeping 90-95% of the comfort on the road.

Benefits of using the stock shocks:

- The stock shock absorbers are made from lightweight aluminum allowing better heat dissipation and lower weight.

- The stock shock absorbers have damping curves comparable with recommended damping curves of expensive high-end suspension kits.

- The kit is EDC compatible and EDC damper options are limited and often - not better then stock. Infact we highly recommend using this kit with EDC shocks if your car sees trackwork. We raced two of our own EDC M4 ClubSport builds with this kit for 2 years straight with incredible results!

What you get?

Front axle roll control:

Our spring kit is created with parts available from our partners KW Automotive. The kit features motorsport derived front springs + tender spring combination which allows the dampers to be used to their maximum potential. Due to the tender spring combination front axle roll is controlled and turn-in stiffness is greatly increased allowing for a quicker, more responsive front end, less dynamic roll when cornering and better mid-corner response from the front axle. 

Camber plates:

Front axle also receives a set of camber plates, allowing camber adjustment at the front for greater turn-in and mid corner stability. Another feature is that the kit is designed so that the spring cap is adapted to the rose joint, that way no matter the camber angle, the spring is always angled with the damper and the weight is properly transferred along its axis - like a true motorsport coil over, and unlike using camber plate for the stock springs.

Rear axle grip:

The rear springs are linear motorsport derived springs. The spring rate is specifically chosen to work well with the chassis balance and shock curve, allowing a less bouncy rear end and more control over oscillations on corner exit. This increases rear end grip allowing you to accelerate out of corners sooner, with more confidence, resulting in better lap times and a more enjoyable experience.


Road performance:

We did extensive testing on the Haimus Raing HAS kit for two years on road and track on our own vehicles. The aim was to get a more direct and stable car on the road without sacrificing comfort. On the road the car feels ~10-15% stiffer without being unpleasant to drive over bumps. Due to the use of a double-rate spring layout at the front we achieved higher confidence on turn in and less roll mid corner, without drastically sacrificing comfort or making the car undriveable as a daily. 

At the rear, the spring works better with the rebound damping characteristics of the OEM suspensions, allowing the car to settle and absorb bumps rather than bounce over them creating scary situations as is often the fact with the stock springs. The increased grip means more confidence and a less snap-oversteer character of the vehicle. 

Track performance:

We developed our H.A.S kit on our own club sport cars which we not only used on the road, but also raced with in the local championships. The results after finding the right setups for the cars were incredible. 

With our H.A.S kit our M4 ClubSport cars which are both DSC equipped decreased their lap times by 1.2 seconds per minute of lap time and our M2 ClubSport build decreased its lap times by 1.1 seconds per minute of lap time. Corner speeds were increased on average by 1.5 kph and braking distances were decreased by an average of 0.3 meters and top speed was increased by 0.27 kph on average on the back streight as per our in-car telemetry (perhaps due to the less drag created when the car is lowered). Tires were kept constant during the tests - we used Nankang AR1 tires for the tests.

To give you a comparison, the decrease in lap time is about equivalent to adding close to 100 horsepower to the vehicle at the same track, while keeping everything else stock.

Can the HAIMUS H.A.S Kit be used with Electronic Dampers (EDC)?

Absolutely! The H.A.S kit has been tested and developed mainly for cars with EDC which do not have many alternatives for suspension upgrades while keeping the system active. The BMW EDC shocks are in fact so capable we used the stock EDC systems on two of our ClubSport class race-cars using this kit for two years straight and won two national championships with them during that time! 

The HAIMUS H.A.S. kit is built for performance!

The kit is not there just for aesthetics, it is a true performance based product and a true must-have if you are looking for the best compromise between a fast street and a track day kit without breaking the bank! The kit allows from -0 to -20 mm of lowering front and rear.

The spring rates and combinations are different between the F80-F82 and F87 platforms, and have been tested separately for each platform.

The kits come with a recommended setup which differs between the two platforms and cars with EDC (electronic damper control).  

Haimus Racing H.A.S Kit includes:

- Two front rose-jointed camber plates with EDC compatibility

- Two front springs

- Two front spring height adjuster cups  from hard-anodized aluminum with corresponding locker ring

- New front damper caps.

- New front bump stops

- Rear Motorsport linear springs with adapters for the OEM spring mounting points.

- Rear lightweight aluminum adjuster cups

- Haimus Racing Recommended alignment settings for both road and track usage.

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