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Do88 Е46 M3 Coolant Hose Kit

Do88 Е46 M3 Coolant Hose Kit

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We would definitely recommend changing the cooling system hoses on your e46 m3 if you haven't done so. It is a relatively affordable mod, which can save you a lot of headaches down the line - and it keeps others safe on track too.

A hose kit developed by do88 to replace OEM radiator/cooling system hoses!

These hoses are entirely manufactured in high quality silicone for best finish and durability. With three to five layers of armory, depending of the inner diameter, the hoses withstand high pressure rates and high temperatures for a long time. The original hoses are manufactured in rubber that not seldom cracks from age. This is the durable solution for you that in addition improves the looks!

Reference Part Numbers:

Lower radiator hose
Reference: 11537830715

Upper radiator hose
Reference: 11537830716

Expansion tank hose
Reference: 11537830713

Heater hose
Reference: 64216902678

Heater hose
Reference: 64216902679

Heater hose
Reference: 64216902680
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