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Do88 Cooling Systems

Do88 F87 M2 N55 Performance Intercooler

Do88 F87 M2 N55 Performance Intercooler

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Do88 are one of the most high-end manufacturers of effective hardcore cooling parts and silicone hoses in the world which is why we use their products on all of our inhouse builds and put our full trust in them. The Do88 team is responsible for some of the cooling parts and hoses of Keoniggseg as well which speaks leaps and bounds about their experience and expertise. 

Advantages over M2 OEM intercooler:

- Greater core volume: 15208cm3 (6831 cm3), 123 % bigger!
- Air flow at 0,15bar/2,18psi pressure drop: 490 CFM (414 CFM), 18 % higher!
- Lower post intercooler air temperature at same conditions: 35°C (57°C), 22°C lower!
- Fits all cars in the list below!

Why Upgrade?

Our personal experience with the M2 is that even in under 0 degrees Celsius ambient temperatures intake temperatures rise by up to 20 degrees above ambient. The stock intercooler is just not good enough to cool the air and that results in big power losses even on stock cars in hot days during hard driving, track driving or repeated hard pulls. We STRONGLY recommend getting a Do88 intercooler for that engine, even if you are not going for extreme power gains, or any power gains for that matter - the Do88 cooler will keep your engine temperatures cooler, your engine safer from unwanted detonations, possible knock, or power loss. From Haimus we believe this is one of the biggest Achilles heels of the stock M2 N55 powerplant and the Do88 cooler was one of the first mods we did to the car.

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