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BMW Motorsport

BMW Motorsport Front Anti-Roll Bar - F8X M

BMW Motorsport Front Anti-Roll Bar - F8X M

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This is a front OEM BMW Motorsport front Anti-Roll Bar, present in the BMW CS Racing and similar spec to the BMW M4 GT4 car. It is 2 way adjustable and provides a huge reduction in roll on the front axle. 

We often hear the myth that a stiff front anti-roll bar equates to more understeer. This is only half correct, as there is a lot more to the story as in many cases a stiff front anti-roll bar can actually fix understeer issues.

The problem is "where" the understeer is present when it comes to the balance of the vehicle. Is it at corner entry, is it mid-corner balance, or corner exit. That is very important when talking about sway-bars.

So let's see the different scenarios and see if a stiffer front bar can help:

Corner Entry Understeer:

If the car has a hard time getting its nose into the corner, most likely the front suspension and kinematics have a delay to load-up quickly enough, so the front has inconsistent grip on corner entry and start's pushing. That would mean that the front axle isn't stiff enough, and weight transfer is occurring so slowly that the front axle is reluctant to change direction quickly, resulting in understeer. Sometimes it is even the spring rates which are too soft, which on a heavy car result in more weight transfer (higher roll) to the outside wheel exceeding its grip potential. In that scenario a stiff front anti-roll bar, will allow the front axle to load-up much quicker, respond better to direction changes and "roll" a lot less resulting in less understeer on corner entry!  

Mid-Corner Understeer:

If the car has Mid-Corner understeer that means that the front axle is exceeding its maximum grip potential sooner then the rear axle is. This means usually that the front has loaded up much sooner then the rear and the car starts to push wide. This would mean that if you can delay front weight transfer and response of the front axle, you might fix the problem. In that scenario a stiff front anti-roll bar will probably worsen the effect, rather than fix it, stiffening the rear anti-roll bar would be more adequate.

Corner Exit Understeer: 

If the car has a understeer on corner exit it is very possible that it is due to weight transfer going to the rear axle when you step on the gas, which unloads the front of the vehicle and makes the car push wide. In general this problem is fixed with softer front springs which are less prone to unload the front axle by pushing it back up, however sway bar tuning can also help. A stiffer front sway-bar on corner exit will allow a more even distribution of grip on the front axle, due to the lower amounts of roll allowing the car to keep more grip for longer, resulting in potentially less understeer on corner exit. 

Please regard the scenarios above as general guidelines. There is a lot more to kinematics and suspension tuning then the brief explanations above. In OUR experience the F8X platforms have a super stiff rear axle with amazing response times, but the front seems to be less eager to change direction. 

In General the F8X platforms have a very stiff rear axle in terms of kinematics and chassis structure, but less so of a front axle. This means a stiff anti-roll bar can really help get that nose into a corner. The generally soft spring rates on the front of F8X vehicles also mean high amounts of weight transfer and corner-entry understeer. A still front anti-roll bar we believe is a good idea on the platform!

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