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Do88 Cooling Systems

Do88 F87 M2 N55 Charge Pipe

Do88 F87 M2 N55 Charge Pipe

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The charge pipe is what leads the intake flow from the intercooler into the intake plenum. The stock BMW charge pipe is made from bendable plastic and also presents a restriction which is good for low and mid RPM flow, but not sufficient at high-rpm where the maximum amount of air needs to flow through the charge pipe. 

Given that the M2 N55 model suffers from horsepower loss at over 6500 RPM while revving up to 7000 rpm it is a logical upgrade to go to a Do88 charge pipe even on a standard engine which combined with an intercooler will be a welcome upgrade for better power retention at high RPM at higher ambient temperatures and more consistent engine performance. 


- Air flow at 0,075bar/1,09psi pressure drop: 680CFM (460CFM), do88 48% higher! See diagram below.
- Designed to handle high pressure and temperatures.
- The pipe has two methanol injection connections (1/8 -27 NPT). The pipe is delivered with blanking plugs in these connections.


The pressure pipe is manufactured in 3” mandrel bent seamless aluminium pipe. CNC machined sensor flange for best fitment.

Custom made high quality silicone hose with 4 layers of polyester/aramid reinforcement. These hose can handle very high temperature and pressure.

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