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Mosselman Performance

Mosselman S55 Performance Oil Thermostat

Mosselman S55 Performance Oil Thermostat

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The Mosselman Oil Thermostat is a must-have for cars driven hard in warm climates. The recommended BMW 0W30 and 0W40 grade oils are not too thick, so keeping oil temperatures low is extremely important for the longevity of your engine - especially when tuned. 

Keep in mind that whether you have an N55 or an S55 engine, intake temperatures are high, unless you have an upgraded intercooler, and stressing the engine further with custom software will inevitably mean the engine is running warmer than anticipated. Adding a performance thermostat greatly reduces the risk of overheating your oil and improves the overall longevity of your engine. 

We recommend upgrading your thermostat, before thinking about bigger oil coolers, or other such upgrades. From our experience, the OEM cooling systems on the F8X chassis is more then adequate for prolonged track sessions, it is just the temperature at which it starts functioning which can be improved on.

We use the Mosselman Thermostat on both our M2C and M2 N55 Club Sport builds and we have seen ~10 degree Celsius lower average oil temperatures on track, and ~14 degree Celcius lower maximum oil temperatures which gives us huge confidence in this product. 

In the package you recieve:

1 x MSL Oil Thermostat
1 x Mosselman Oil Thermostat Installation Kit 
3 x Mosselman Titanium GR5 Hex-Race Bolt Set, M8x25
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