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HEL Brakes

HEL Braided Brake Lines - E92 M3

HEL Braided Brake Lines - E92 M3

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The BMW E92 M3 is the last true N/A M car and pushing it to its limits is what these vehicles are meant to endure. The braking system is a vital part of your ability to control this awesome machine at the limit. Nobody will be happy to get a mushy pedal or lesser stopping power exactly when they need it. A huge reason for that to happen are the OEM rubber brake lines. Rubber expands a lot more with heat and loses some of its property the warmer the brake fluid becomes, promoting aeration, leaking and an inconsistent brake pedal. HEL fixes that problem by giving you braided brake lines which can withstand much higher pressures, have much lesser expansion under warmer temperature conditions and can provide a much more consistent brake pedal for the pilot. The fixings on both ends unlike most other brake lines, are made from INOX. They are much more durable over time than the competition and the OEM counterparts which are made from zinc-plated steel which rusts over time. The HEL brake lines are one of the most recommended and important performance mods for the E92 M3, and a mod with literally zero downsides and only upside. Get your braided brake lines today.
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