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Haimus Racing E9X M3 Prepreg Carbon Fiber Plenum Induction System

Haimus Racing E9X M3 Prepreg Carbon Fiber Plenum Induction System

Power: +13.8 hp | Torque: +27 Nm | Weight: -3.5 kg

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Production time: 3-5 weeks.

The Haimus Racing E9X M3 carbon fiber plenum induction system speaks for itself. We believe this is the ultimate performance intake system for one of the best V8 performance engines ever produced. Through our in-house designed intake runner system, increased intake volume and zero flow disruption philosophy we have achieved one of the highest horsepower and torque gains in the sector. The increased responsiveness and massive torque gain at low RPM make the car even more special, improving its immediacy, and day to day usability, while the wide range high RPM increase in power, gives more enjoyment to the driver when pushing hard. However, these cars are not just tools, but are bought and driven from emotion. The improved growl and intake sound, amplified through the intake, carbon filter cover and into the cockpit create an immersive, breathtaking experience for the pilot. The noise changes at full throttle at 1000 RPM increments, providing a symphony of engine noises which cannot be explained or replicated by any other modification. One must really experience it to understand. 

Under the hood the carbon weaves are matched on every item, to create a perfect harmony. The item is clear-coated multiple times for a deeper and more chatoyant finish, stealing the show anywhere you decide to open your engine bay. This is the Haimus Racing intake system, combining looks, emotion, sturdiness and functionality - the best of all worlds for one of the best M vehicles ever produced.

Performance Gains:

+14 p.s. / +10 nm without software
+30 p.s. / +17 nm with engine software

Low end torque gain @3000 RPM:
+27 nm without engine software
+35 nm with engine software

The following performance gains have been fully verified by our team on the dyno on our E92 M3 build. They were achieved including the optional performance air filter.

Your results may vary depending on other engine mods, location, engine condition, oil used, engine management software and other variables!

What you receive?

You receive:

- Haimus Racing Carbon Fiber Intake Plenum
- Haimus Racing Carbon Fiber Intake Elbow
- Haimus Racing Carbon Fiber Filter Lid
- Haimus Racing Performance Air Filter (if optioned)

Item comes with a five year finish and a five year structural warranty for standard usage.

Production time is 5-6 weeks after ordering.

IMPORTANT! Please read!

For the sake of transparency we need to inform you of the following. Please realize our carbon products are FULLY hand made from start to finish. That includes the laying of the carbon, the cutting, trimming, fixating of the parts and the clear-coat. Whichever variant of the item you order there might be some microscopic dust particles in the clear-coat, microscopic bubbles under the clearcoat and tiny pits and imperfections on the edges of the product. With every next tear of finish quality, these will be less and less, but completely eradicating them is not a possibility for us - we are still human! Please keep that in mind when ordering.

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