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Haimus Performance E92 M3 GT Clubsport Big Brake Kit

Haimus Performance E92 M3 GT Clubsport Big Brake Kit

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We declare that the images of the refinished AP-Racing calipers in this post with ///M logos are there only to show our capabilities in refinishing the items and NOT a claim that we are in any way associated with BMW M Division or BMW AG in any way shape or form!


The Haimus Racing Clubsport E92 M3 Big Brake Kit was a project which began in 2020. We wanted to create a kit which will provide a great middle ground between a full race and a full street kit. A big brake kit which is able to deal with high-demand situations as well as day-to-day routines. We managed to hit all our goals for this kit:

1. Lightweight parts - saves ~25 lbs of unsprang mass from the front axle)
2. Street friendliness - allowing users to use the kit on the road with no worry about debris damaging the calipers. Also having multiple pad options is a bonus.
3. Aesthetics - we want the kit look good on the E92 M3 platform. To stand out as something special, but also look like it is supposed to be there from the factory.
4. Brake balance - we wanted to modify the brake balance slightly to provide a better feel and lower the stopping distances. We managed to lower the stopping distance from 100-0 kph by 0.7 meters.
5. Good pedal modulation - the stock braking system is a floating single piston caliper, which provides more of an on/off braking performance rather than one with good modulation. We wanted to make the braking system feel like the user has full control over how much the car stops with the pedal.
6. Superior brake bite and feel - the fixed 4 piston caliper design allows better feel through the braking system into the pedal and chassis, and due to the lowered amount of flex and multiple smaller pistons now associated with the system, the brake bite improves massively while also allowing for better modulation.
7. Superior braking performance in singular and multiple stops - we achieved a 0.7 meter advantage in 100-0 kph singular stops and an average of 0.4 meters of advantage on multiple consecutive stops before the OEM system overheated. The Haimus Racing system didn't wasn't able to overheat during the tests.
8. Better heat dissipation capabilities - The clamping area of the pad was increased by 15% and the caliper aluminum construction provides a higher area and better heat-dissipation capabilities resulting in much higher temperature absorption and higher temperature dissipation capabilities of the system, making it a lot more suitable for trackwork and hard driving.

Machined Parts:

We did our best to create one of the most well made systems on the market. We didn’t skimp on quality anywhere. Our rotor bells are made from 202X T6 true billet, which is ~30% stronger than the industry standard 606X semi-billet aluminum. We machined the bells with extra openings for better cooling within the center of the rotor. The bells feature openings for the OEM wheel bearing pins which are used to center the rotor before it is tightened. The tolerance used is 0.2mm to insure easy placing, but also no slack. Our adapters made from 7075 T6 billet aluminum for maximum strength and lightness. The usage of this material allowed us to shape them more elegantly, and take out as much extra weight as possible while keeping the strength extremely high. We use custom made high temperature braided brake lines with rubber adapters for the OEM brake line holder giving you a more consistent pedal pressure under hard use.

Included in the kit:

- AP Racing Radi-Cal 2 Calipers - Default Red (can be customized to your liking)
- Choice between DBA and AP-Racing rotors
- Billet Aluminum semi-floating rotor hats with machined cooling openings.
- Billet Aluminum Caliper Adapters for superb strength and stifness of the system
- Braided brake lines for superb feel and brake fluid flow
- Street or Performance pads depending on user choice.





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