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Haimus Performance Prepreg Carbon Fiber Airbox Lid

Haimus Performance Prepreg Carbon Fiber Airbox Lid

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We know that the new cars are usually quicker, more competent and filled with better technology. However, people often come back to the E9X platform for the emotion that the car provides. A big part of that emotion is connected to the naturally aspirated high revving V8 engine. For those people, who don't care just about stat's on paper, but the true essence of driving and emotion - we present to you our prepreg carbon fiber airbox lid. 

The item doesn't increase horsepower, not that we can measure, but it does unleash a bit more induction noise, which is arguably a lot more true to the essence of what the E9X M3 is about. No matter if you have a carbon airbox and intake, or just an upgraded intake filter, the carbon airbox lid will give you more growl, more noise and more emotion in order to enjoy your E9X more than ever before. 



- Full prepreg carbon fiber
- Triple clear-coated for perfect deep finish
- Weave is matched to our carbon fiber intake plenum and intake elbow to provide a uniform pattern in your engine bay
- Comes with 5 year structural and limited finish warranty.

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