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Haimus Performance E9X M3 Prepreg Carbon Intake System

Haimus Performance E9X M3 Prepreg Carbon Intake System

Power: +5.6 hp | Torque: +7.8 Nm

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Production time: 3-5 weeks

The Haimus Racing Pre-Preg Carbon intake system combines the Haimus Racing pre-preg carbon intake + carbon intake lid + performance air filter. The item is made for the owner who wants to get the maximum performance out of his BMW M car. The intake shape is CFM optimized for better flow-characteristics compared to the OEM item. The surface and openings are closely matched between the plenum and the intake creating a smoother transition and enhancing the airflow. The internal volume is increased, allowing for more air to pass through the system per second, giving a higher horsepower potential. The mighty V8 gains ~7.8 nm of torque in the mid-range creating a quicker and more exciting response from the engine. The carbon construction dissipates heat quickly providing a lower tendency for heat soak in warmer climates than the OEM item. Sound is enhanced by the resonance being amplified through the carbon material enhancing the driving emotion. The pilot can now hear the engine inhaling air more clearly through the freer flowing air-filter. Driving the E90 / E92 / E93 M3 has become more enjoyable and more invigorating. The item fits our own Carbon Fiber Plenum and the OEM Plastic plenum.

Package Includes:
- Haimus Racing Prepreg Carbon Intake
- Haimus Racing Prepreg Carbon Intake lid

Optional: + BMC Performance Air Filter

Important! Please Read!

For the sake of transparency we need to inform you of the following. Please realize our carbon products are FULLY hand made from start to finish. That includes the laying of the carbon, the cutting, trimming, fixating of the parts and the clear-coat. Whichever variant of the item you order there might be some microscopic dust particles in the clear-coat, microscopic bubbles under the clear-coat and tiny pits and imperfections on the edges of the product. With every next tear of finish quality, these will be less and less, but completely eradicating them is not a possibility for us - we are still human! Please keep that in mind when ordering.
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