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F8X Performance and Racing Pads - 4 piston front / 2 piston rear pads

F8X Performance and Racing Pads - 4 piston front / 2 piston rear pads

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Picking the right brake pads is vital for the experience of the car. In fact we are ademant this is one of the most important upgrades to do to your car before driving it spiritedly or on track. We have tailored an array of pad compounds for you to chose from depending on the usage of the car.

Pagid RSL29 - Track day + Endurance with street capabilities

The Pagid RSL29 pad is an amazing performer and a pad we use on our own ClubSport builds. The pad offers a much higher pad life under demanding situations, much higher temperature absorption and much higher stability under racing and track day demands. This is the ideal dual-purpose pad for vehicles which are mostly used in a spirited manner - on mountain roads and on track. 

Performance:   Braking performance is improved massively over stock pads. The compound is incredibly stable, allowing the driver to push with confidence lap after lap on track, without getting a "mushy" pedal. We still haven't been able to overheat a set of these pads, even after 2 seasons of driving exclusively on them on two of our ClubSport track builds. 

Brake bite is greatly improved, often to the point where the driver needs to get used to having so much braking performance under his right foot. Brake modulation after initial brake bite is superb and feel through the pedal is greatly improved. 

The pad is noisy at first, especially when combined with brand new rotors. Due to its abrasive compound, it needs some time to bed in before the noise disappears. After 2-3 track days the pads seem to become quiet enough to be able to use on a daily basis, no more noisy than other much less capable performers in the segment. 

Pagid RSL1 - Race + Endurance Brake Pads

The Pagid RSL1 is a full blown race pad and amazing performer in its segment. The pad offers incredible brake bite and amazing stopping performance for the racetrack. The pad is to be used with a highly grippy tire such as semi-slicks or slicks, otherwise the ABS will be engaged way too often, and driver feel might suffer. 

Performance:   Braking performance is improved massively over any other pad we have tested. Brake bite is phenomenal and brake response is even better than the RSL 19 or RSL 29 which are more street friendly compounds. To get the most out of this pad, due to its high coefficient of friction we recommend using these only on a vehicle equipped with very grippy tires - high performance summer, semi slicks and slicks. 

Feel: Brake bite is extremely sensitive, so the driver will need to relearn how to drive the car. On a normal summer tire, the pad will respond too quickly, while the wheels do not have enough overall grip and the ABS might be engaged a bit too often for ones liking. Pedal modulation on track is good, feedback is increased over any street pad. Brake response is much quicker, while noise is kept to acceptable levels. 

The RSL 1 works on the road, but shines on track. We recommend this pad for track-driven vehicles.

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