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Do88 Cooling Systems

Do88 E9X M3 Big Cooling Pack - Manual

Do88 E9X M3 Big Cooling Pack - Manual

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do88 proudly presents a massively improved cooling series for BMW M3 E90!

This is the absolute full package for the one looking for our entire range of M3 cooling solutions for their vehicle. More info about the products are found on each link below:

- M3 engine oil cooler!
- M3 power steering cooler!
- M3 radiator!

Ever since the first E30 series came along, BMW M3 has enchanted car enthusiasts around the world. The E90 series, that has been with us a few years, is no exception. By many elected the perfect combination of usability and performance. A real sports car, with room for passengers. With its well balanced chassi, its thorough construction and hefty V8, this is almost the perfect core for a race car. But only almost. Ascending liquid temperatures is one of few known issues with these. do88 has analyzed the reasons behind this, and developed a sustainable solution. We have the answer for you!

This is the product for the experienced driver demanding nothing but the best! It´s suitable for track racing, endurance racing, track days or inspired street usage, where there´s no room for compromise in terms of perseverance. This is one of the products in the history of do88 that has taken the most man hours to develop, which is clearly shown in the fitment, finish and performance.

This is the one and only high-end product that will eliminate your heat issues and let the car be driven the way it was designed to be!
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