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Haimus Performance E46 M3 Prepreg Carbon Intake Plenum

Haimus Performance E46 M3 Prepreg Carbon Intake Plenum

Power: +25hp | Torque: +30 NM | Weight: -7kg

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Production time: 4-6 weeks

The Haimus Racing E46 M3 Pre-preg carbon plenum is the class-leading performance plenum on the market. Through careful CFD analysis and pulse tuning work, we have modified the intake runner length and shape as well as the internal volume resulting in massive proven horsepower gains over our competitors. The immediacy of the throttle response and increased torque in the mid-range creates a more eager sports-car driving experience and enhances the driving pleasure when the pilot gets on the gas on every corner exit he encounters. The most important part of driving one of the greatest M cars ever produced is the emotion it brings. The Haimus Racing plenum overloads the senses through creating one of the most mechanical engine noises which have ever existed. The pulses from the valve-train echo through the carbon construction, which amplifies every sound creating a symphony changing its tone and aggression as the RPM's climb. The spine-tingling resonance is pumped through the cabin creating a very different experience when driving the vehicle. The pilot feels the engine through all his senses and wants to push further to unleash more of the growl from the beast that the S54B32 engine is.

Under the hood the plenum sits as if it is the heart of the vehicle. The weave is constant and matching through both parts of the plenum. Тhe clear-coat is deep and chatoyant and the performance filter is dwindling inside for anyone who bothers to look. This combination will attract a crowd anywhere you go.

Adding the Haimus Racing performance plastic snorkel provides a direct cool airflow to the engine, giving the vehicle a massive advantage in hot climates due to lower intake temperatures. The Snorkel is always a recommendation from our team to the person who wants the get the maximum out of his E46 M3.

Our Shadow Line finish features an extra layer of ceramic coating, black hard-anodization for all aluminum bungs giving the plenum a different more menacing and special aesthetic to complete your E46 M3. The Frozen Shadow Line finish adds a frozen clear-coat to the item, inspired by BMW's own "frozen colors" clear-coat, creating a satin semi-matte finish for the ultimate BMW S54 engine bay.

The item comes with a 5 year structural and finish warranty.

In Package you Recieve:

- Carbon Air Collector (Corresponding to OEM PN: 11617833496)
- Carbon Unfiltered Air Housing (Corresponding to OEM PN: 11617833497)
- Optional:

  • Haimus Racing Plastic Snorkel E46 (Corresponding to OEM PN: 11617833498)



Performance vs Stock car:

Torque Weight

+25 Hp

+30 Nm

-7 kg

@4200-8000 RPM @3000-8000 RPM

Performance vs OEM CSL Airbox Design:

Torque Weight

~+10 Hp

~+12 Nm

-2 kg

@5200-7400 RPM @5200-7400 RPM


For the sake of transparency we need to inform you of the following. Please realize our carbon products are FULLY hand made from start to finish. That includes the laying of the carbon, the cutting, trimming, fixating of the parts and the clear-coat. Whichever variant of the item you order there might be some microscopic dust particles in the clear-coat, microscopic bubbles under the clearcoat on the edges of the product and very miniscule imperfections. With every next tear of finish quality, these will be less and less, but completely eradicating them is not a possibility for us - we are still human! Please keep that in mind when ordering.

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